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Rent a car in Chisinau directly from the airport

A car for rent directly from the airport is something that is required by the most of people who want to have their own rental car, just because to rent a car directly from the airport is comfortable and provident from all points of vision.

With us, from the first moments of your arrival you have an own car and is don’t required additional waiting for arrendator, because with us, the rental car is waiting for you on the parking, even if you are not in the country yet. This is the main advantage because of whom rental car from airport is so appreciated by all customers. Choose your car on our site.

More than that, we offer for free choose a wide range of rental cars, from the simplest models, to luxury, in this way, no matter what you need, you will be able to satisfy all your needing’s with our rental cars. In case you don’t want to complicate your journey, there is a possibility to rent a car with a driver on the board because the traffic in an unknown country may involve some orientation problems, but if you don’t want to rent a car with a driver then you can order a GPS navigator.

17 July 2018


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