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Rent a Car in Chisinau, Moldova and Transnistria at lowest prices
Rent a car in Chisinau Moldova is a fast growing Moldova's car hire company situated in Chisinau. Our main aim is to give costumers low cost car rental for short and long periods with the best service of rent a car in Moldova, Chisinau. Because what is important to our customer is important to us. Our service is dedicated to the satisfaction of our clients car rental needs and to achieve this you will find us to be pleasant, punctual, professional, reliable and ready to assist our clients whatever their needs. We made the car rental easier and faster certifing the rent procedures. We care - it is an open-ended promise to do more today than we did yesterday for your satisfaction, to deliver value to our customers. Thus, we hope to become your favourite car rental company in Moldova, Chisinau. Rent a car UnicalAuto offers one of best car rental servicies in Moldova, book now, rent car online, free dilivery, best price car rental in Moldova.

Car hire in Chisinau, Botanica, Buiucani and Airport at anytime
Car hire in Chisinau, Botanica, Buiucani and Airport at anytime. All people need cars: from ordinary people and to the large companies. However, unfortunately, we do not always have an opportunity to use the privately owned vehicle. The service of rent of a car is especially relevant for cases when you go to other country or to other city and not to suffer in guesses how to reach this or that place it is possible to lease the car. Before to consider all pluses and minuses of car-rental, it is necessary to understand that in general it for service and its characteristics.

Lease of cars is a hire of the car without driver for an indefinite term. You can take the car for days before few months, sometimes happens more. Car lease term at each company different. However the essence remains identical – the company provides you all range of a car, you choose the most optimum for you and you determine rent term. Then, you sign the contract, you make out an insurance on a car, you pay pledge and you take away the car. On the expiration of the period of rent the car comes back the companies, in the same state as well as at the time of receiving.

To receive the car, the following documents are necessary for you:
-Driving license. As a rule, the minimum driver's experience has to be not less than 2 years.
-The cash card with the sufficient sum for pledge payment.

In general, rent of a car is excellent option for single operation of the car. You recognize that point of view that going to others city, it is much more favorable to you to rent a car there, than to go to a long distance on the. But, in this case, you have to be especially attentive to all terms of the contract and go strictly by rules.

Traffic rules in Moldova
Traffic rules in Moldova. Our сompany is the representative of services of lease of cars in Chisinau. The big range of cars for the different purposes is presented in our company. Our consultants have big experience and they are professionals of the business. Proceeding from desires of the client, we create flexible conditions of insurance of a car. Besides all above-mentioned, you can reserve the car in Chisinau on the website, and our consultants will contact you.

The service of lease of the car in Chisinau will make your trip the most comfortable and fast, but you should be aware of rules of local traffic.
What driving regulations you should know in Moldova

• In some single regions of Moldova it is impossible to move without car. Federal highways connect regions within the country to the largest European cities.

• Road signs in the Republic of Moldova don't differ from all-European. They can be divided on ordering, forbidding, the signs of a priority and signs informing you on something.

• In the city you can move with a speed of 50 km/h, in the country the limit of speed makes 90 km/h, and on highways the maximum speed is 110 km/h.

• On roads you can see "a mobile ambush". They usually are in the country where there are no cameras. If police officers stop you for speeding – to you not to avoid a penalty.

• During the driving children have to be in special car seats. All passengers have to be fastened by seat belts. For it, by the way, too often stop and fine.

• It is forbidden to speak by phone. An exception are cars with the built-in font.

The credit card you will hardly be able to pay off at all gas stations. In general, in Moldova it is better to have with itself cash in local currency.

Features of traffic on roads in Moldova
Read before th features of traffic on roads in Moldova. Some years ago in the Republic of Moldova toughened punishment for violation of traffic regulations therefore you have to be very attentive renting the car in Chisinau. You shouldn't know any new rules, actually you will follow the general european traffic regulation.

The maximum speed in settlements and in city area is 50 km/h. In your car the reflecting vest has to be in the car. It helps you to be visible at a stop for repair of a car on the road. Also, according new rules all drivers irrespective of time of day have to use a passing beam of headlights. However, this rule works only during the period from January 1 to March 31.

The drank driver won't be able to avoid punishment. If concentration of alcohol in blood in 0.8 per milles is found, it is waited by deprivation of the rights for 5 years. You can see the prices and conditions of rent-a-car companies in Chisinau on the websites. If you found the car which suits you, you without effort can send them the application with a reservation on the website.

Taking away the leased car, you should check the car for existence of scratches and malfunctions. If it was revealed to you it is necessary to bring the hand out of defects in the contract. It is one of the most important points in this procedure. Otherwise at delivery of a car in the company you can be forced to be paid for "new" scratches and malfunctions.

Also, bathing point is the car insurance. You should study attentively different insured events and to learn conditions of the company. The rent-a-car company can't give you a car without insurance. Therefore you can fully demand the insurance policy from the company. In the contract it is necessary to add a name of the person who will drive the vehicle and if there is also the second driver, then his data need also to be specified in the contract.

If you at the wrong time return a car to the company the penalty can be raised from you. Usually this point is stated in the contract. When you lease a car in Chisinau, you grant all sum at once. In addition, you pay pledge which sum is the sum of two days of rent. The service usually in lei is paid, but in some places can accept also currency.

If there was a road accident with participation of your leased car or if the car was hijacked, you immediately should report about it in rolling firm. If you found any malfunctions in the car or breakages, then expenses are undertaken by distribution company.

To live without a car it is difficult. It is caused by the constant need for movements. For the large city it is simple to explain such requirement. The car is necessary for trips to work, to trainings, study, rest, etc. If the car breaks, it is necessary to go to other city in a business trip, rent can be the ideal choice. It is convenient that car-rental round the clock became widespread service. At any time it is possible to rent the car under specific needs.

Advantages of the round-the-clock lease of the car in Chisinau
Advantages for hiring a car in Chisinau. The car became a good habit for majority of people. Existence of the vehicle opens new opportunities. It isn't necessary to wait for public transport, to stand in queues, to be pushed in close cars of the subway. The hire of the car helps to solve similar problems. It is convenient for all devotees of quality, mobility.

The services of renting a car round the clock is considered convenient for everybody. It allows to hire the car when it is necessary, without waiting for certain time. It is possible to rent the vehicle of any level. There are sedans, hatch-backs, crossovers, SUVs, a representative class. Terms of rent are also various. It is possible to hire the car for hour or couple, for several days. It is possible to go on a leased car to other city, to the nature, etc.

The round-the-clock access to the service of leasing of cars is a modern and unique. Quite often the necesity of the rented car arises suddenly. It can be satisfied thanks to us. You can contact our experts easily at any time. It is simple to get advice, to issue the contract. It is prepared on the basis of several documents. It is necessary to take with itself the driving license, the passport and credit card. It is possible to reserve the car by phone, having specified ideal time for receiving transport. The car can be delivered to the convenient place, to any district of the city. It is possible to hand over the car this way or in other city.

The cars offered for rent are always completely serviceable, comfortable, reliable. Additional services expand comfortableness. Each car possesses the insurance policy. It is checked by skilled experts that there were no technical malfunctions. During rent there are no breakages because of the company. For all purposes it will be possible to issue the round-the-clock car-rental. The service has a lot of advantages.

Favorable lease of the car in Chisinau
We have the most favorable offers for a rent car in Chisinau. At the favorable price it is possible to rent different vehicles. There are budgetary models. They are characterized by excellent quality, but lack of a delicacy. People who prefer the high level of comfortableness will be able to hire the car of a representative class. For any purposes we can find for you a good model.

The round-the-clock access to vehicle fleet of the company attracts users. The car for rent can be required even at night. Now you knows where it is worth addressing. At us it is simple to hire a car round the clock. The lack of restrictions on time plays a significant role. Execution of the contract fast, elementary. It is in advance simple to reserve a car. It is necessary to leave the application on the website or to call number from contacts. It is simple to read other nuances necessary for rent.

Now the round-the-clock car rental helps out many. If the car broke, the person arrived at night to other city, this service will be just ideal. It is possible to rent a car in the afternoon, in the morning or at night. Always execution of the contract is followed by the simplicity favorable. It is possible to hand over the car in convenient time, in the suitable place which the tenant can define.

How to rent a car in Chisinau: lifehacks and pitfalls
Renting a car can be compared with booking a hotel room, but in this case you take on a lot more responsibility and risk. However, there is much more risk and responsibility. In this article we will tell you about some of the intricacies of renting a car in Chisinau so that you can avoid problems and unwanted expenses.

Book your car in advance in Chisinau
Book your car online in Chisinau.The car is much more convenient to book online and in advance. This will allow you to choose from a wider range of offers and prices. In addition, you will have time to think over and compare all the options and therefore it will be easier for you to pick up the car for your taste and purse. Putting aside the topic of renting a car in a long box, you lose the cheapest options. Therefore, you will not have anything to choose from and at inflated prices. Some companies provide a discount when paying for the order in advance, but be careful. In case of cancellation of the reservation, you risk losing money. You can book online your car on our site.

Analyze and compare prices of rent car in Moldova
If you are interested in renting a car in advance, you can pay attention to all the nuances. Study on the Internet reviews of experienced tourists, read the terms of the lease on the sites of companies. You can pay attention to companies - low-costers, they are usually small and don’t have representation in airports. However, their tariffs are much lower. However, low tariffs may conceal some pitfalls. This may be incomplete insurance payment by the company or a fee for mileage. In this case, read the information before choosing a machine.

Read the terms and conditions carefully
First read the terms and conditions of a rent car in Chisinau Moldova. Usually, claims arise from those who inattentively read the lease agreement or did not read it at all. Before signing the contract, read all the paragraphs, especially carefully consider the smallest font. Usually all the most important information is there. The best condition for customers is payment after the customer has seen the car. Another point that will secure your money on the card is an auto booking on the site, which does not require the input of personal data and card data.

How to pay rent car by card in Moldova?
You can pay for a car reservation with a debit card. But when you arrive at your destination, you will most likely need a credit card, and a prerequisite is that the name on the card must match the driver's name. Usually, this condition is mandatory in all companies, and tourists who did not know about it try to pay in cash or pay for the service by a debit card. But it is impossible to do so and in rent they are most often denied, and the paid amount is not refundable. The credit card is so important because it charges a car and charges a certain amount for damage.

Full tank
As a rule, you get a car with a full tank of gasoline, and, therefore, you must return the same tank. In case you do not have time to refill the tank you will require a considerable amount of money. The company will calculate this tariff volume at its tariffs. Therefore, if you do not want to pay more, fill the tank before handing over the car.

Price formation for a rent car Chisinau
As a rule, the price you see on the site includes VAT, insurance and unlimited mileage. This amount does not include additional fees. If you need to pick up a car from the airport - you will need to pay extra. If you need another insurance - the same. For additional expenses, you can also include a charge for exceeding mileage if the mileage is limited, adding a second driver to the contract or a fee for the driver's youth if the age is not 21-25. For the navigator, the child seat also pay extra.

If you are going to the capital of the Republic of Moldova, you should think about more convenient way of moving in the city. In this article we will tell you about rent-a-car services, taxi and public transport in Chisinau, but you will choose the most suitable option of moving.

The price for rent of a car can frighten many people. Of course, if you lease the car just for 1-3 days the price for it will be higher than if to take a car for longer term. Further, it is important to define the purpose of rent of a car service. Without car in Chisinau it is difficult to move and to be everywhere in time. The service of rent of the car will allow you to be independent from very unstable traffic of public transport and also not to waste your precious time for waiting for the taxi.

It is possible to add that unlike the taxi you pay for the rent car per day and at the same time you drive as much as you need, i.e. in distance you have no limits. It is absolutely another situation with the taxi services. In the price of the taxi are included: bringing around of the car, car model, a route and distance in kilometers.

If you need only 1 trip, then, the rent car isn't required to you. However, if the whole day you need to move on the city, then for such taxi trips you will pay the decent sum. Moreover, it is impossible to rent one taxi car for the whole day and as a result you will spend time for searching and waiting for the taxi again and again.

If you don't want to use the taxi, it is possible to use public transport. The only advantage of the public transport in Chisinau is low price. And now about disadvantages:

• You waste a lot of time for waiting of suitable transport;

• the unstable schedule;

• stops of transport don't meet standards therefore during a rain or snow you won't take cover there;

• sometimes it is necessary to change several types of public transport to reach the destination;

• improper route and as a result wasting of time;

• slow movement in the city, i.e. you can forget about mobility.

Certainly, you don't spend so much time for movement as to residents of megalopolises to reach from one end of the city to another. Public transport – it is inexpensive, but it is extremely inconvenient for those who need to be everywhere in time.

We can add that in Chisinau there are rush-hour congestions, however they don't take away hours, it takes from 10 to 30 minutes. Moreover, in public transport you can become a victim of "pickpockets" therefore is inappropriate to tell about the economy.

After all, now the service of renting of the car became the best decision for your mobility and comfort. The most important advantages of this service are economy and safety. For foreign people who came in Moldova will be cheaper to use service of car rental in Chisinau.

Our company provides rent-a-car services in Chisinau. We offer a wide choice of cars and at reasonable prices. On our website all prices are shown, and our consultants can help to make the good choice. We guarantee you high-quality service, safety and comfort.

Secrets of Car Rental Companies
Some time ago majority of people understood the importance of the car. Everybody knows that the car is not luxury, but a necessity. We can't disprove this fact, especially this refers to the small cities where the public transport isn't progressing. Moreover, Chisinau – is the best example of the city, which shows the importance of the car. There are some reasons which argue the necessity of the car: the small area of the city, the undeveloped public transport and not so big traffic in comparison with big cities like Moscow.

Consequently, such reasons make people to buy cars, but if they don't have this opportunity, then some people decide to rent a car for some period of time in the rent-a-car companies. However, before you make your choice, you should carefully examine the question of rent-a-car company in Chisinau. Certainly, if you don't want that you be tricked - it is an article especially for you. Probably, you have already read some councils about renting of a car.

We think you have noticed that in all articles the phrase: "Attentively read all terms in the contract" is repeated. In these contract points you can find the most important information. You shouldn't believe in all representatives' words without reading the contract. You should become involved in any of details before signing of contract. Representatives of rent-a-car companies are usual people, which can miss something like everyone. Therefore, remember one simple rule - attentiveness and once again attentiveness. Everything that you have not understand, you may ask and receive a clear answer.

On which contract points you should pay attention?

• If the car mileage per day is specified in the contract.

• If the point about the second driver is included (in some companies doesn't exist such service).

• If there are departure limits.

• If in contract the price, terms of delivery and receiving a car are noted.

• If the requirements of fuel volume in a tank are specified.

If any point isn't specified in the contract, you can make some corresponding changes in the contract. The rent-a-car company can accommodate to the client.