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Terms and Conditions


1. The agreement is concluded for a minimal period of 48 hours starting at the time stipulated within the agreement, until the next day at the same time.

2. The first hour after expiration of the rental contract, costs an extra charge of 7 euro ,the second hour costs 5 euro and the other exceeding time is calculated as a whole day.

3. Exceeding the delivery term with 4 hours, without notification (oral or written), involves declaring the theft of the auto to the local police department.

4. Any additional day is calculated according to the same conditions within the agreement, the owner has the right to deduct the amount from the warranty deposit.

5. It is forbidden to leave the territory of Rep. Moldova, without the written approval of the owner, as well as performing reparations / dragging of the rented car without the approval of the owner.


1. We can accept bookings 48 hours before picking up the selected car.

2. Once you have completed your booking, you will be required to leave a deposit, otherwise, your booking will be cancelled in 48 hours.

3. The email received after booking the car online on our site is not a confirmed email. The booking confirmation is made when you are contacted by a company operator.


The renter is required to:

1. To possess a driving license and at least 3 years of driving experience and have a minimal age of 23 years old.

2. To use the car carefully, like his own car.

3. To return the car at the hour and location established within the agreement.

4. The renter must pay in advance the entire fee for the rental period established within the agreement.

5. In case of loss of documents and key set , the renter is responsible for their cost.

6. The renter must NOT:

- rent the car to others in exchange for money.
- transport persons or goods for money.
- transport more persons than indicated in the driving papers/car manual.
- involve the car in street races, off-road races or hunting activities.

- use the car for other purposes then the ones for which the car was designed for, thus according to the conditions of the manufacturer.

7. The renter must return the car clean (inside and outside), otherwise will have to pay a fee of 10 Euro.

8. The renter cover entirely all damages as result of the following events:

a) driving the car under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs;
b) in case of theft, together with the prove (protocol) issued by the police department, the renter does not present the car papers and keys
c) if the accident was premeditated.

9. The renter has to pay a security deposit amount of 100 Euro. This amount is entirely refundable on the date the agreement/contract ends and represents the franchise of the renter in case of one of the following events:

a) the car is returned to the owner with damages as a result of guilt or fault of the renter
b) at the time of returning, the technical state of the car is not the same according with the state at the moment of receiving the car for rental, as a result of misuse.
c) in case of losing the car papers and/or keys
d) in case of damaging the cushioning or other internal car elements.


1. The owner is required to give the car, object of this agreement, available to the renter, in good operating state, according to the legal technical provisions.
2. The RCA insurance is included within the price and are responsibilities of the owner.


1. The renter is required to pay in advance the fee for the whole rental period agreed within the agreement/contract.
2. The renter has to deliver the car with the amount of fuel he accepted the car (usually full tank), otherwise will be charged with 1 Euro/litre.
3. The delivery or acceptance of the car at the Chisinau Airport is free.
4. All costs referring to the usage of the car (road fees, parking fees, penalty payments, etc.) are to be covered 100% by the renter.
5. If necessary, the renter can include additional driver, GPS, or Child Seat, each for extra 5 euro/day.


1. The agreement ends at the date established by both sides.
2. The extension of the contract is also possible.